serving the Holmesburg/Tacony community since 1982
updated:  4/19/16
Aren't you sick and tired of the crime and blight that is taking
over our neighborhood?  Do you have problems with young
kids hanging out near your home?  Does the constant use
and selling of drugs annoy you to no end?  Do you want your
kids to feel safe when they go out?

If you have answered "yes" to any one of these questions,
then you need to get involved and help your community.  It is
as easy as joining the Tacony-Holmesburg Town Watch,
Inc.  Look through our website and decide for yourself!  We
would love to have you!
We want you!  We need you!
Tacony-Holmesburg Town Watch, Inc. will have their next  
meeting on May 12, 2016 at Disston Baptist Church.  The
time is 7pm.
Be vigilant!!  
Watch what is
going on in your

Tacony-Holmesburg Town Watch would love to have you as one of its'
sponsors.  A donation of any size guarantees you free advertising on our
Sponsor page.  Contact THTW through our email address and ask about
Scroll down and take a
Tacony-Holmesburg Town
Watch Facebook Page
We are a community based non-profit organization that is the eyes and ears of the
Philadelphia Police Department, primarily the 15th district (as well as the very
south end of the 8th district).  

Tacony Town Watch, Inc. has been watching over the streets of Tacony since
1982.  In 2007, the streets of Holmesburg fell under the watchful eye of Tacony
Town Watch as well. The group is now known as Tacony-Holmesburg Town
Watch, Inc.

Our organization is strictly operated by community volunteers, such as yourself.  
The more eyes and ears that are out on the street helps make our community a
safer place to live for our families and local businesses.  

Click About Us (above) to read about Tacony Town Watch
How to Join (above) if you would like to join the fight against crime
Our Boundaries (to the left) to see the area that we patrol